Laugharoo.com is the original, exclusive, easy-­to-­navigate, commercial-­free, comedy playground of video-­jester Bruce Baum.  Which inherently makes Laugharoo.com “a great place to take your face.”  Come for a quick comedy burst “head-­cation” to take refuge from whatever you need a breather from. 

Consider Bruce your personal funnyman, producing a weekly “show-­ette” just for you.  He’ll always be swinging for the fences, so we invite you to check in at least weekly to see what Bruce is up to, to share Laugharoo.com with your peeps and to become a Laugharoo-ster, getting weekly updates and Laugharoo.com Fun-Mart specials.

Some show‐ettes will be G and PG rated, and some, not so much.

We’d love to know what you think.  But don’t feel obligated to think.  Feel free to converse with Bruce or get yourself some stuff (unique gifts!) from the Laugharoo.com Fun-Mart.

Happy Everything!